About us



URBASOFIA is a town and regional planning company created in October 2011. Its founders and collaborators have a vast experience in urban and territorial issues, design and management of EU-funded projects, especially in what concerns those connected to territorial cohesion and social inclusion related topics.

URBASOFIA is currently focusing on design, management and implementation of 2014-2020 territorial cooperation, territorial cohesion related instruments and programmes. Specifically, we are designing for:

  • Initiatives related to Romanian POR, POCU, PNDR
  • HORIZON 2020
  • INTERREG Programmes (Europe, Danube, SEE, Adrion)
  • ENI Black Sea and ENI MED Programmes
  • Romania Moldova Territorial Cooperation


URBASOFIA has put relevant effort, and got good results, in the preparation of significant projects, competitions and EU calls for proposals, in the programming period 2007-2013, particularly focusing on the most competitive programmes of the Union, among which it is worth remembering:

  • The ICT/PSP EU Programme (projects i-SCOPE, SUNSHINE and i-LOCATE, the latter two in implementation);
  • The Horizon 2020 Programme (project CENTRIC, first phase in implementation)
  • The SEE Programme (project STATUS);
  • The URBACT II Programme (project TUTUR);
  • The Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme (project YPLAN);
  • The Joint Operational Programme ENPI Black Sea;
  • Realization of planning scenarios for the project “Floodplain restoration along the Danube”;
  • The national ESF POS-DRU Programme (project Experiență pentru eficiență).

The impetus to form URBASOFIA arose in response to the need for a better cooperation between practitioners, researchers, industry/private investors and developers, and other professionals involved in town planning in Europe. The focus was launching a company collaborating with very high profile consultants, researchers and international experts, which could provide for and allow services in:

  • Town and regional strategic and environmental planning,
  • Social inclusion and urban regeneration,
  • Smart city strategies,
  • Training, communication, dissemination and networking.

URBASOFIA is currently an appreciated company specialized in urban and territorial policy design and strategic planning at national, EU and global scale.

URBASOFIA is well-known and appreciated for its results by international institutions and companies. It has a number of international partners collaborating in designing and implementing proposals/projects at national and international scale.


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