Dr. Ing. Pietro ELISEI

Founder and General Director | Town and regional planner, senior researcher| Strategic Planning, Policy Design

Tel:     +40 731 159 785
Email: pietro.elisei@urbasofia.eu
Skype: pietroelisei

Dr. Elisei collaborated, as consultant, with ministries, cities and towns all over Europe, holding important positions in international organizations dedicated to urban planning (PLANUM, ISOCARP). Currently an international expert in urban regeneration policies, integrated planning for small-medium sized cities and topics related to smart cities design. A strong collaborator with European universities and research centers, was contracted by diverse international Institutions (European Commission/Urbact, Un-Habitat, UNECE) for important planning research. Dr. Elisei also routinely holds key-note speeches in international conferences and publishes a number of scientific articles on topics related to urban planning. 


Prof. Dr. Nicoleta Silvia Ioana

Executive Director | Internal Management

Email: nicoleta.silvia.ioana@urbasofia.eu 

Holding a degree in Philology and a Post-Degree in Communication and Public Relations, Nicoleta is currently involved in projects with a strong social dimension, being responsible for education and continuous professional training and works as a trainer and evaluator of FPC competences. Within Urbasofia, she is responsible for the internal management and project coordination, being involved in providing proposals' feedback, managing communication and dissemination activities.

PhDc. Sabina LEOPA

Urban and Regional Planner | General Manager of EU Projects | Planning and Design

Tel.:     (+40) 773 702 216 

Email: sabina.leopa@urbasofia.eu

Skype: sabina_dimitriu

Urban and regional planner, holding a Master degree in Spatial Planning and Regional Development and currently PhDc candidate at the Urbanism Doctoral School of the „Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urban Planning, Sabina is particularly focused on development strategies at city and metropolitan area levels using participatory approaches, local facilitation, integrated development, the smart city concept and future perspectives of urban centres. Involved in the development of the strategic integrated plans for Cluj Napoca Metropolitan Area, Alba Iulia City, Baia Mare Metropolitan Area (RO), Kavala Municipality (GR), several Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, as well as a portfolio of innovation actions projects funded under CIP ICT-PSP and Horizon2020. Sabina is also a certified manager and trainer.


Phdc. Matei COCHECI

Content Manager | Urban and regional planner | Planning and Design

E-mail: matei.cocheci@urbasofia.eu
Skype:  matei.cocheci

Urban and regional planner, Teaching Assistant at „Ion Mincu” Architecture and Urbanism University, holding a Masters Degree in Spatial Planning and Regional Development and Integrated Environmental Assessment, he is specialized in environmental sciences, strategic urban and territorial planning. Matei is involved in various spatial planning projects and the author of articles and book chapters on topics mainly related to environmental constraints and the role of spatial planning in the mitigation of environmental degradation.

Since 2011, he has worked in various spatial planning projects at the “Ion Mincu” University’s Center for Research, Design, Building Evaluation and Consulting, including General Urban Plans for municipalities in Romania, regional studies such as the “Brăila-Galaţi” urban system, „Ploieşti-Bucureşti-Giurgiu” development axis and national studies such as the National Settlement Network – PATN IV. He is currently working in the team assigned for the realization of Bucharest’s dynamic master plan. Since October 2013 he has been a Teaching Assistant at the „Ion Mincu” University in Bucharest and a Phd candidate in Human Geography at the University of Bucharest. His doctoral school research is focused on models of territorial planning in restrictive environments affected by natural hazards.


Assistant Manager of EU Projects | Urban and landscape planner | Planning and Design

Tel:       (+40) 749 264 364

E-mail: miruna.draghia@urbasofia.eu 

Skype: miruna_draghia

Graduated from the Urban and Landscape Planning Faculty at "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism, Miruna is currently enrolled in Town and Regional Planning Master Programme. With a solid education background, she is distinguished as head of her faculty promotion, being permanently involved in extracurricular activities at both national and international level. 

Her skills are based on a combination of theoretical and practical experiences, being mostly notable for her excellent management skills, innovative approaches toward problem-solving and interpersonal and communication skills. She is devoted to her professional career, being particularly focused on city and territorial strategies development and topics related to urban mobility, placemaking processes and environmental problems. She is involved in several URBACT III and Horizon 2020 initiatives, the YPLAN project as well as the Cluj Metropolitan Area strategy. 


Alexandra Emilia Ioana

Assistant Manager

E-mail: Alexandra.emilia.ioana@urbasofia.eu

With a degree in management and administration, Emilia is our back-office which keeps things running smoothly, accomplishing organizational issues which arise within different projects. She is also responsible for the internal management, assisting the Executive Director and the General Manager in various tasks, as well as the other employees to perform their job duties properly.