ATTRACTIVE DANUBE: towards an integrated analysis and monitoring framework for territorial attractiveness in the EUSDR and Romania

Through the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project, we are continuing our work to identify, within a multi-stakeholder group, the most relevant indicators at regional, county and local scale, which can be used to analyze and monitor Territorial Attractiveness in the context of the EUSDR.

The second national Romanian „ATTRACTIVE DANUBE” workshop was organized by URBASOFIA on October 18th 2017, in Brașov, with the support of the Brasov Metropolitan Agency, Brasov City Hall and the CLUSTERO Association. The meeting was part of a suite of three such workshops under the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project, aimed at jointly identifying national-specific sets of indicators to be integrated in a web-based platform, freely accessible for any stakholders interested, called National Territorial Attractiveness Monitoring Platform (N-TAMP). The first working meeting took place on 29 June 2017 in Bucharest and was organized at the Romanian Register of Urban Planners, aiming to open the dialogue with professionals, institutions and the central administrative level. Following this discussion, the meeting on 18 October was organized in order to bring the discussion closer to local problems, solutions and specificities, but also regional-specific traits in Romania.

The 5-hour meeting was productive – many important local needs and specific territorial traits at regional and national level have been analyzed, and the participants identified and ranked based on importance a first set of territorial attractiveness indicator categories. These indicators will complement the 22 general ATTRACT-SEE indicators previously developed, on which the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project relies. More information on the workshop and full minutes are available HERE.

In February 2018, we will organize the third National Workshop, and also present the N-TAMP platform for the first time to the users and stakeholders.

If you wish to take part in this initiative, to participate in the 3rd Workshop or the working group on National Attractiveness Indicators, please contact us!

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