CENTRIC – May 2016 Events

UNECE Seminar 18th May

CENTRIC Project- Centre for ExcelleNce in TerRItorial management and Cadastre has organized, within the final UNECE Seminar, the Event entitled “Registration of property – the foundation of an active real estate market and a support for the sustainable land development, Education, Knowledge, Success”.
The Seminar was developed in four sessions:

a. First Session: Introduction to Horizon 2020 and CENTRIC Project
b. Second Session: Essential components for national land administration systems
c. Third Session: Benefits of integrated cadastre and land registry for a functioning land administration
d. Fourth Session: Innovation in real estate at the service of citizens


The event has enjoyed broad participation from both the academic sphere and the representative of various institutions from Romania and abroad, the Private sector was also present. Besides others, important to mention the presence of Mr. Elshad khanalibayli, Chair of UNECE (WPLA); Mr. Radu Codruț Stefănescu, Director general of ANCPI; Mr. Radu Daniel Pintilii, University of Bucharest; Mr. Jan van Rheenen, Cadastre Agency Netherland; Mr. Cornel Păunescu, President of national Union of Geodesists, etc.
Urbasofia participated to this event presenting later during the fourth session the “GeoICT services as innovative tools for better land use management systems” below the full presentation:


Centric – Bucharest Consortium meeting 19th – 20th May

The final CENTRIC Consortium meeting held in Bucharest at the National Centre of Cartography has brought together the last discussions for the finalisation of the most important project's first phase result: the Business Plan.

The meeting was also the opportunity to further develop the activities that CENTRIC will carry out in the next years, use cases that will be developed within the concept of R&D activities following the principles of the ‘living labs’, ‘learning-while-doing’, output-outcomes & business oriented (3D Cadastre, UAV & automatic change detection, etc.).

The preparation for the Phase 2 Proposal was also an important chapter of the event, highlighting the main key points and first attribution of tasks for next years.

The meeting concluded with some indications for the Phase 1 last deliverables to be updated.

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