Results of the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE 3rd National Workshop

We are pleased to share the results of the final Romanian National Workshop of the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE! The workshop was held on 27th March 2018, in Cluj-Napoca, within the old historic monument „Cluj Casino”, now the Center for Innovation and Civic Imagination.

The meeting was part of the DANUBE ATTRACTIVE process for identifying, at national level, the sets of indicators that can be used to monitor and assess attractiveness at different territorial levels. With the TAMP establishment process well underway, the third meeting was also organized regionally, in Cluj-Napoca (the second largest city in Romania), in order to bring the discussion closer to local problems, solutions and peculiarities, and regional programs in Romania, and to allow for another perspective on prioritization. Its main objectives were the following:

1) To establish the national and regional specifics in Romania and the Key Territorial Capital Components, including methods of quantification;
2) To find out the data needs of the group of actors involved in the territorial planning process;
3) To receive feedback on the long and short lists of indicators which have been compiled during and after the two previous meetings;
4) To present / demo the National Territorial Attractiveness Platform and discuss the possible uses, synergies and barriers/limitations of such a tool.

After an introduction from Mr. Ovidiu Câmpean, Director of Projects, Cluj-Napoca Municipality, a presentation by Mr. Zoltan Coraian, Director of the Metropolitan Association Cluj followed, on the topic of Capitalizing the territorial assets and attractiveness at the regional / metropolitan area of ​​Cluj-Napoca. 

On behalf of Urbasofia, Mrs. Sabina Leopa introduced the project and the TAMP: Territorial Attractiveness Monitoring Platform which has been set up through the project:

We had a total of 19 participants, among which Regional Authorities, County Councils, the Metropolitan Association Cluj, Cluj-Napoca Municipality, interest groups, academia, business and clusters. We are happy to share the fact that feedback was in general very good on the TAMP Platform, especially since it is an open platform and does not require registering. Economic attractiveness, cultural heritage and tourism were seen as key indicator domains to promote within the platform.

In closure, key stakeholders (Cluj Municipality, Cluj Metropolitan Area, Babes Bolyai University, Cluj County Council, the Region, and economy representatives invited) expressed their interest in keeping to be involved with the project and in participating to the Capacity Building sessions.

The meeting ended with a light dinner / aperitif and the receiving of participation diplomas.


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