ROCK PROJECT (Regeneration and Optimisation of Cultural Heritage in creative and Knowledge cities)

After more than 3 years of implementation, ROCK project has eventually come to an end! All the energy, efforts and the successful results have been shared during the final four-day event, offering an extensive programme of 20 sessions, with more than 50 speakers and hundreds of participants. Luckily, the recordings of the ROCK Open Knowledge Week event are now available online. During the ROCK CityTalks and Campfire Sessions, the ten cities (Athens, Bologna, Cluj-Napoca, Eindhoven, Lisbon, Liverpool, Lyon, Skopje, Turin and Vilnius) presented their flagship urban interventions implemented at the local level, shared stories of change and discussed lessons learnt.

In these last months of 2020, URBASOFIA, as coordinator of the implementation process conducted by Role Model Cities, has edited a Booklet dedicated to the implementation results in all 7 Role Model Cities. The booklet gives an overview on the achievements obtained at local level through ROCK project, explaining where and how did ROCK approach step in and facilitated the upgrading process of different practices already in place. The journey through the specific actions of each city highlights both soft and technological tools that have been used to support the transformation of historic city centres and sites. Finally, a dedicated section is focused on how the ROCK role model cities faced coronavirus, capturing a short overview of the immediate impacts of the pandemic on the ROCK implementation process and the management of the crisis. The Booklet is now available online.

Last but not least, our special thanks go to the colleagues from Bologna-team, who coordinated the entire consortium, to the ten partner cities who provided substantial content to work with, but also new challenges to be tackled, and of course to all ROCK partners, whom we collaborated very well with!

Find out more about ROCK project’s results and resources produced at:

Download the booklet from our website in the REPOSITORY SECTION

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