SPIRE WEBINAR – Post-Industrial Cities and Green Economy

We just had the first webinar of a set of five. The topic we tackled was Post-Industrial Cities and Green Economy, a thematic subject that concerns Baia Mare and SPIRE project. 
As panel speakers, we had some very inspiring people, that are working in the related domain: Raffaele Barbato (Urban Innovative Actions), Pietro Elisei (UIA and URBACT Expert), Luigi Iannitti and Valerio Manelfi (RESET), Sabina Leopa (Urbasofia). Some of the topics we discussed: the important role of experimentation and knowledge transfer/ the state of industrial cities and its opportunities /shift towards a more environmentally friendly behavior/ sustainable green energy value chains/ Baia Mare state of pollution against SPIRE ambition and objectives. The discussion is an engaging one, with a focus on innovative and creative solutions for the future of post-industrial cities. SPIRE Baia Mare has the objective of enabling urban, social, and economic regeneration.  Check the full recorded webinar below and stay in tune for the next one on 3 Nov Rethinking Participation and Co-Creation in Times of Social Distancing.

Watch the full webminar below:

Our webinar today was extraordinary and this is thanks to the speakers, the participants in the discussions and all of…

Publicată de SPIRE Baia Mare pe Marţi, 20 octombrie 2020

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