TopHotel Tourism & Leisure Investment Conference


URBASOFIA team has participated at the TopHotel Tourism & Leisure  Investment Conference, which is the most important event dedicated to the hotel, tourism and hospitality industry in Romania (held on 25th -26th  of May, 2017). The event brought together specialists from the field of tourism, representatives of local authorities and managers of the largest international hotels on the Romanian market. Our team spoke about the Integrated Tourism Approach in the framework of territorial development strategies on the – Tourism – Destination management for Romania’s locations with high touristic potentials – discussion panel moderated by Mrs. Anca Pavel Nedea. Other key topics in this panel were:

  • Best Practices in the Management of the Ecotourism Destinations in Romania
  • The development of a Destination Experience Management System (DEMS), where tourists share their experiences about different tourist destinations and experiences;
  • New media solutions training for business promotion, interconnection and development


For more information, please access link here:




Strategic plan for a tourist destination


Tourism all season

Diversification of tourism offers

(Specific local exploitation –

Agrotourism, gastronomy,

  Authentic lifestyle)


Education and training

Centres for specialisation and training


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