Acronym:         BMMA 2030

Title:                  Baia Mare Metropolitan Area Integrated Strategic Agenda 2030
Beneficiary:      Baia Mare Metropolitan Area Association for Intercommunity Development through SEE Project STATUS
Duration:          November 2013 – December 2014

The Strategic Territorial Agenda for the Baia Mare Metropolitan Area took into consideration all of the 18 localities, members in the intercommunity development association (Baia Mare, three towns and 13 communes). This approach aimed to overtake and to settle the multiple pressures resulting from the changes in the economic system, in the development and planning system, from the distortions and diversified needs in the urban area, as well as in the adjacent rural area, in order to create a development nucleus in a coherent network at territorial level.

The defined objectives for the BMMA follow the logic of a previously defined development vision for the area of intervention. As such, the development of the Baia Mare Functional Urban Area is seen as a priority until 2020, with priority projects being oriented towards economic development (including cluster specialization), capacity building for the local public authorities and infrastructure modernization (road network – increasing accessibility, public utilities – water, sewage, waste, public lighting). Until 2030, there is also a shift towards rural development, mainly through a stimulation of agriculture, eco-tourism and capitalization of the existing natural areas.

Following the STATUS methodology for a participatory definition of the agenda (three public workshops, the constitution of a Metropolitan Task force), we designed the following objectives for BMMA:


General Objetives


Functional urban area with competitive economic concentrations, innovative and logistic centres, strongly connected to the external markets


Smart specialization and consolidating the innovative process in a synergic „4-leaf clover” system, sustained by research and formation


Local sustainable development based on partnerships and strong urban-rural connections, by stimulating productive agriculture and eco-tourism


Integrated and sustainable public services systems, including transportation


Smart governance and the stimulation of active participation at ZMBM level


Moreover, through this process BMMA has also set up a Metropolitan Center - a “factory of ideas” for the Baia Mare Metropolitan Area, operationalized through means of ensuring the participative planning process between the primary metropolitan actors involved. It constitutes the meeting space of the Metropolitan Task Force in its scope to promote of the efforts undertaken by the Baia Mare Metropolitan Area Association and the place to collect feedback upon the initiated project proposals. The Metropolitan Center is the place to provide continuity to the actions and projects initiated through STATUS, as well as a permanent dialogue concerning the visions and strategies foreseen by the involved communities, as engines of development: a catalyst for their new economies and investments, for which their dedicated Metropolitan Center acts as fuel for combustion.

Baia Mare Metropolitan Agenda 2030