Title: Indoor/outdoor LOCation and Asset management Through open gEodata

Acronym: i-LOCATE

Coordination: Dr. Giuseppe Conti, Trilogis

Funding: CIP / ICT PSP, Digital content, open data and creativity

Duration: 36 months


Through the i-LOCATE project, the project partners search to pilot an integrated platform for management and tracking of mobile assets and people within institutions, in order to streamline various processes and improve citizens' experience within public buildings. The project has set the following goals in order to achieve this:

1) The creation of a virtual hub for indoor mapping data.
2) The creation of an open source i-locate toolkit to enable interoperable indoor/outdoor location and tracking of assets, both material and people, to be used to easily create innovative businesses through indoor/outdoor LBS based on open GI
3) The creation of mobile client-side technologies
4) The definition of specific privacy and security policies
5) The extension of current location based standards (primarily OpenLS by OGC) to properly cater for requirement of hybrid indoor and outdoor tracking and routing scenarios
6) To pilot – for the duration of 12 months – within a real-life operational scenario the “virtual hub”, the toolkit and the client in the context of 14 operational pilot locations in 8 EU countries
7) To disseminate the results of the project to the widest communities, ensuring its widest uptake at EU level, through a large number of openness activities
8) To ensure the commercial exploitation of the project

URBASOFIA’s contribution to the project will be manifold. On the one hand it will lead the data surveing and collection phase of the pilot, as leader of Pilot data survey and Data ingestion, fitting and integration. On the other hand it will be in charge for the assessment of the impact (both in technical and economic terms) of all the 14 pilots planned within the project, as leader of the Pilots assessment (technical, economical) task. This task will be important in that it will ensure the link of the pilot activities towards WP6, with specific regards to exploitation of results. In fact this task will be especially oriented towards the analysis of the fields of applications and related market opportunities which have emerged from the pilots, while also taking into account barriers to entry and market trends. Lastly, Urbasofia will play a driving role in several openness and awareness activities sharing the responsibility of organization of the key events of the project (yearly conferences).

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