Topic: HORIZON-CL2-2023-HERITAGE-01-04

Type of action: HORZION – RIA

Funded under: Culture, creativity and inclusive society

Type of project: Research and innovation on cultural heritage and CCIs

Grant Agreement ID: 101132719

Proposal acronym: INT-ACT

Proposal title: Intangible cultural heritage, bridging the past, present and future


Type of Model Grant Agreement: HORIZON Action Grant Budget-Based

Project duration: 36 months (01.2024 – 12.2026)

Project budget: € 1 985 532,50


The project in brief

Excellence in INT-ACT is achieved by identifying Emotional, Experiential and Environmental (3E) dimensions contained in intangible cultural heritage and utilising immersive eXtended Reality (XR) environments to present these dimensions in the context of their associated tangible cultural heritage sites. Through this, INT-ACT focuses on intangible cultural heritage – i.e., practices and aspects of culture that shape our understanding of ourselves, our sense of belonging, and our relationships to each other and to the tangible cultural environment – as a means of bridging the past, present and future to provide novel approaches to transforming society and addressing societal challenges facing humanity at these times of epochal changes.

Urbasofia’s role

Urbasofia will contribute to the stakeholder engagement process through participative methodologies and by sharing its valuable experience on co-creation actions Urbasofia brings to the consortium its research expertise in stakeholder involvement and community uptake. Urbasofia’s role within the project is to deliver tailored plans and methodologies based on multi-level stakeholder models to engage relevant local actors. Through participatory approaches, Urbasofia supports bridging the gap between innovative tools, local needs, and relevant global sustainability challenges.

Within Work Package 2 (Human Narratives), Urbasofia will develop a framework and methods of stakeholder engagement, while on Work Package 4 (Future Societies), we will support the Historical Sites in developing and implementing the pilots and studying their connection to customized topics, such as cultural tourism, ageing societies, disappearing communities and immigration and multiculturalism.