ISTER – Policy Handbook is about to be finalized!

Urbasofia together with our ISTER partners ( – Network for Towns and Regions, DDTG Danube Development Transnational Group nonprofit limited liability company and Scientific Research Centre Bistra Ptuj) is preparing to finalize one of the most important outputs: ISTER Policy Handbook.
The policy Handbook of recommendations based on ISTER experience will allow the sharing of the project’s findings to Danube Region similar territories, as well as to wider interested communities at the EU level. The lessons learned are formulated in such a manner to cover the following sectors: Policy integration, Policy design and Policy Communication and will answer to several questions such as:
(1) What are the potential links between (Roman) Cultural Heritage and other domains and how these links can be strengthened in order to achieve an eco-cultural route?;
(2) How different policies at the same territorial level can be connected in order to assure truly sustainable development?;
(3) Why is necessary coordination between different decision-making levels in the process of policy development for a cultural route and how this coordination can be assured?;
(4) What concrete guidelines/policies could be applied within the Danube Region but also within each ISTER country for successful protection, preservation, management, and sustainable use of Roman Cultural Heritage?;
(5) How to bridge the gap between different groups of stakeholders and public administration bodies in order to increase multi-level capabilities and skills for policy implementation?
Stay with us to find the answers!

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