URBAN2020 represents an association which proposes the improvement of the quality of life both in Romanian and European cities, by promoting the quality of urban interventions and professionalism, partnerships and social responsibility, as well as by carrying out theoretical studies and campaigns for training, education and support for project implementation.


URBAN2020 has the following goals:

a. Ensuring the quality of life for national and international communities;
b. Supporting integrated and smart urban and/or regional development;
c. Education and support of the citizens’ participation in the city’s life;
d. Reducing disparities between rural and urban areas;
e. Development of urban and rural communities through town planning and architecture services and consultancy;
f. Supporting good governance and development partnerships between public sector administrations, academia and research institutions and private sector companies;
g. Supporting the local and regional development of the communities in Romania in the sense of economic, social, cultural, educational, civic and life-quality development through the use of intelligent tools;
h. Active encouragement of social innovation and inclusion, including disadvantaged groups and migrants, and informing people about changing perceptions and their better integration;
i. Reducing the gap with Western Europe and stimulating the exchange of experiences by organizing events and study visits, internships – including Erasmus, festivals, workshops, seminars and other events.

URBAN2020 projects portofolio can be found here: http://urban2020.weebly.com/proiecte.html