ATTRACTIVE DANUBE: 4th SCOM in Sofia, Bulgaria

The fourth Steering Committee Meeting of the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, between 22-23 May 2018, and was hosted by the Bulgarian Economic Forum (BEF).

The meeting was a great opportunity to tie in the many activities which the project partners have implemented since the previous Freiburg, Germany meeting in November 2017, and to plan ahead the next Attractive Danube activities.

Attractive Danube Consortium in Sofia, Bulgaria

The two-day meeting focused on the Territorial Attractiveness Monitoring Platforms – TAMP (national and transnational), as well as aspects concerning the transversal project activities and the proceedings with developing an ambitious Handbook for Policy Planning on applying TAMP, currently in development under the coordination of Urbasofia.

The SCOM ended with a great Study Visit organized by BEF, which took place in the Sofia Business Park – a visit to the Sofia newly developing periphery, which managed to position itself as one of the fastest growing, most attractive business poles in the region.

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