The transnational project “ATTRACTIVE DANUBE – Improving Capacities for Enhancing Territorial Attractiveness of the Danube Region” deals with the topic of territorial attractiveness of the Danube Region and the specific elements of potential that make up this region of Europe.

As a key partner of the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project, URBASOFIA initiates an open, active and constructive dialogue with all relevant actors and decision-makers involved in the process of substantiating and elaborating planning and territorial development policies to define the key elements of territorial attractiveness in Romania. This dialogue consists of three workshops that will run from June to December 2017. The final objective of these workshops is to define at Romania level the set of key indicators that can define and monitor the territorial attractiveness of our country within the transnational territory of the Danube Region.

In order to initiate the dialogue on the definition of territorial attractiveness indicators in Romania, URBASOFIA, with the support of the Urban Register of Romania, invites you to participate in the first Romanian National Workshop of the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project, which will take place on Thursday 29 June 2017, at the headquarters of the Urban Register of Romania, Strada Tudor Arghezi 21, Bucharest, starting at 14:00.

In case of your interest, please confirm your participation by Monday 26 June 2017 at the e-mail address or at the phone number +40 0773 702 216.

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