Good News Alert within ISTER project!


After finalizing the first output of the WP T2 (Joining, Activating &Tutoring) for which Urbasofia was responsible in ISTER project, namely the Multi-Layered Stakeholders’ Group (MLSG) setup, we are now preparing the transnational training and capacity building workshops!

The MLSG brought together all relevant stakeholders having a stake in the policy challenge addressed by ISTER, specifically the protection, valorisation, management and sustainable use of the Roman Routes and settlements heritage. The local CBW are aimed at enhancing capabilities of local stakeholders represented in the MLSG, in order to create a capable, strong and powerful horizontal governance chain.

Two types of CBW will be organized: (1) one-day transnational training and capacity building workshop for project partners in Alba Iulia in september this year and (2) three Local Capacity building workshops in each territorial/thematic partner which will be organized as a half-day workshop, the first to be organized at the end of this year.

Stay tuned for what will come!

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