ISTER – Our first public kick-off meeting was a success!

The aim of the meeting, which took place on 17th November online, was to reach out a wider group of potential stakeholders and raise awareness about the ISTER project among potential synergic initiatives. The public kick-off meeting got together 131 participants, both ISTER project partners, regional and local public authorities, interest groups (incl.NGOs), SMEs and general public participants. The meeting consisted of 2 main modules:

(1) Keynote speeches by main speakers & Virtual exhibition tour at the National Museum for the History of Transylvania entitled „Frontiers of the Roman Limes in Romania”

(2) Panel discussion with representatives of Leading Partners of Projects related to the topic of Roman Cultural Heritage and Q&A section

The meeting highlighted the importance of  two aspects: (1) activating a cluster at local level through an approach that  involves  both private and  public stakeholders, local communities, tourists, but also politicians and (2) incorporating Cultural Heritage protection and preservation with socio-economic environment to provide a sustainable development of the cities.

Furthermore, ISTER consortium has also advanced the work regarding the baseline screening of the physical legacy of Roman network of Routes & settlements, which will be open to the public starting early next year! Urbasofia has intensively contributed with content regarding the policy and regulations framework for archaeological heritage at national level, as well as for defining land use issues for preserving cultural heritage and key ‘ingredients’ for CH preservation, with a focus on Cultural (Roman) Routes. The baseline screening framework will assist ISTER partners in developing the ISTER Catalogue on Roman Routes and Settlements along the DR.

And because there are never enough good news… our initial ISTER project leaflet has come to light! You can see it below. Stay tuned on our website and social media accounts for more news  about the progress of the project!

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