The XXXII Italian Geographical Congress


Another event where URBASOFIA participated as speaker is The XXXII Italian Geographical Congress, promoted by the ‘ Association of Italian geographers (held in Rome, on 7th – 10th of June 2017). In the year of fulfilment of the centenary of the October Revolution, and the fifth centenary of the Lutheran Reformation, the themes of the Congress were precisely revolutions and reforms. In the panel session of Europeanisation of spatial planning systems moderated by Angela D’Orazio and Maria Coronato from the Università di Roma Tor Vergata two articles were presented by the Urbasofia team members. One of the articles was presented by PhDc Radu-Matei Cocheci (Urbasofia Collaborator) with the title of The Impact Of Europeanization On National Planning Systems. A Comparison Of Spatial Planning Processes In Italy And Romania, while Dr. Ing. Pietro Elisei (General Director of URBASOFIA) presented another article with the title of A Phase of Dissonant Europeanisation in Spatial Policies.

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