ATTRACTIVE DANUBE Workshop in Brasov, 7th of May 2019

The second Capacity Building Seminar within “ATTRACTIVE DANUBE  – Improving Capacities for Enhancing Territorial Attractiveness of the Danube Region” project took place on 7th of May in Brasov Municipality. As URBASOFIA held a seminar in Brasov last year, in order to select the final indicators for Romania’s territorial attractiveness, we considered that a second workshop in the same city, this time dedicated to the project’s results, will ensure the continuity of the process and will increase the cooperation with the target audience of the area.

The workshop aimed at promoting the project’s deliverables – the manual for planning policies and the platforms for monitoring the territorial attractiveness: the national one (TAMP) and the international one (CO-TAMP). It was divided into two main sections: a series of presentations on behalf of URBASOFIA held by Drd. Urb. Sabina Leopa and Dr. Pietro Elisei, and a workshop dedicated to the platforms and the manual for public policy planning, followed by an open discussion with the participants.

The event was attended by 14 representatives of the following institutions: Brașov City Hall, Hărman City Hall, Brașov Metropolitan Agency, Brașov City Council, ICEBERG, Proteus Diona, F.P.I.P., Cluster Green Energy, IJC Brașov, CINAQ Association.

The meeting ended with a series of conclusions drawn by Dr. Pietro Elisei and with informing the participants about the next steps for URBASOFIA regarding the Attractive Danube Project.


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