SPIRE: a Smart Post-Industrial Regenerative Ecosystem for Baia Mare

What do you do if you have around 672 hectares of (historically) heavy metal polluted land, a limited budget, and an imperative to act? You start searching for solutions. Innovative, Nature-Based Solutions.


SPIRE is the newest proposal developed by URBASOFIA in collaboration with Pietro Verga, for the Municipality of Baia Mare. It’s been delivered on January 31st 2019, under the 4th call of the Urban Innovative Actions, a flagship European initiative which provides urban areas throughout Europe with resources to develop innovative solutions (not yet tested at EU level) to the main urban challenges, and see how these work in practice and respond to the complexity of real life. For this call, SPIRE is one of just two such proposals delivered by Romania, and the only one dealing with Nature Based Solutions and Sustainable Land Use.

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