Brașov, Romania becomes first Early Adopter City

We are happy to announce that Brașov, 7th biggest city in Romania, has been elected as first Early Adopter City by the Build-in-Wood Consortium. Early Adopter Cities will be coordinated by URBASOFIA, with the scope of opening the dialogue on sustainable and green buildings with the policy and decision makers of Europe.

The first stakeholder meeting took place in Brașov, on the 12th of December. Organised by Agenția Metropolitana Brasov and Urbasofia, the meeting welcomed 27 participants covering the whole wood building value chain: from city administrations over universities and research institutions to training providers and of course professionals in the field of architecture. Everyone agreed:

We need more integration and cooperation to make tall wood buildings a widespread sustainable construction option.

The discussion was lively and productive. The set of three workshops will support the integration of tall wood buildings in the strategic development framework at metropolitan level, with the specific purpose of identifying concrete actions and financeable projects to enable tall wood building construction and retrofitting, as part of a larger climate adaptation and resilience urban strategy. In January 2020, AMB and URBASOFIA will send the participants an invitation to join the working group at local level, which will be active in creating the local added value chain.

The next meeting in Brașov will be planned in advance and agreed with the members of the working group during the year 2020. Apart from the three meetings planned through the BUILD IN WOOD project, the working group will meet whenever it deems necessary, the meeting space being made available by the AMB.

In the next 4 years, Build-in-Wood will improve the base case for wood constructing not only in Brașov, but also in five other European “Early Adopter” cities, that will be announced in the next year.

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