Conference EURAC 3rd International Conference in Bolzano, Italy

In December 2019, ROCK project has been presented by URBASOFIA at EURAC 3rd International Conference in Bolzano (Italy), entitled TOWARDS DATA-DRIVEN URBAN TRANSFORMATION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE AREAS.

In respect to the conference topic, URBASOFIA has presented the particular case of two ROCK Role Model Cities: Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and Turin (Italy), addressing similar approaches related to the integration of technology for monitoring crowd flows in different CH locations and events in the city. Consequently, the presentation overviewed the collaborative and data-driven approach for progressive transformation of CH in creative and knowledge cities, generated by the impact of permanent and temporary actions. The presentation was hosted under the session Urban (Big) Data: Challenges for Information Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery.

  • For the case of Cluj-Napoca, data collection involves: visitors count per hour/ day; duration of the visit; mobility of visitors among city areas (specific target locations identified: museums, art fairs, crowded areas); new visitors vs returning visitors; main locations/ events: Central Park, Casino Building, Polyvalent Hall, Cluj Arena, Museums (areas with high no. of cultural events, dynamic people flows).
  • For the case of Turin, data collection is focused on: Visitors count per hour / day; Duration of the visit; Mobility of visitors among city areas (specific target locations identified: museums, art fairs, crowded areas); New visitors vs returning visitors; Main locations/ events: Contemporary Art Fairs Paratissima, International Book Fair, Museums and Palaces, Library, etc.

Finally, the presentation showcased a comparison of similar ROCK approaches implemented in two cities with different historical background, while following the same end goal of providing deeper knowledge on the actual and less self-evident situation of cultural heritage use and potentiality within the local community.

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