Thematic Conference Getting Cultural Heritage at Work in Kavala

On the 4th of December 2019, URBASOFIA has been invited to present ROCK project at the event organized by the Municipality of Kavala (Greece), entitled GETTING CULTURAL HERITAGE WORK FOR KAVALA.

The event addressed the thematic of how to get cultural heritage work for a sustainable and inclusive development of the city. Cultural heritage was analysed in its twofold components, material and immaterial, and the concept was connected to the past, present and future realities in order to find new cultural identities. ROCK project was presented as a good practice of the Regeneration and Optimization of Cultural Heritage in creative and Knowledge Cities by Dr. Pietro ELISEI (URBASOFIA Managing Director). The presentation was aimed at highlighting the 3 key pillars promoted in ROCK: Accessibility, Sustainability and New Collaboration for a proper cultural heritage led urban regeneration. Furthermore, it showcased the particular case of Bologna, focused on the integration of new tools and technologies to enables the mentioned pillars.

Local experts introduced the general state of Cultural Heritage Led Development applied to the city of Kavala, demonstrating the vastity of its material and immaterial CH and analysing the Funding opportunities and former initiatives investing in this thematic that could represent a great opportunity for cities to valorise its heritage (Mayor’s advisor in EU Programmes).

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