The Technical Workshop “i-Locate Indoor Mapping Party Bucharest” 13th May 2016

The workshop followed the 11th edition of the research conference on constructions, economy of buildings, architecture, urban and territorial development titled "Integrated research for resilient, comfortable and safe cities" on 13 May 2016 at the National Institute for Research and Development in Constructions, Urbanism and Sustainable Spatial Development URBAN-INCERC.

First of all the event has represented the first opportunity in Romania to present i-Locate project, its objectives, Pilots involved, applicability and usability within an International Conference.Second, with contribution of Mr. Fabrizio Napoleoni (Urbasofia) the audience was presented the Pilots Mid-Term Evaluation and Presentation of the 14 Pilots sites’ results of the first survey launched in February.Third, the public was introduced also to the Indoor Mapping and JOSM Software as important part of i-locate OpenStreetMap counter-part objective. Finally the workshop was conducted for the “Indoor Mapping Paths Sketch” of the selected building and a discussions about the implementation of this technology in the Romanian context and the business possibilities were also debated.




The event has been disseminated largely through different social media:




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